REAL-TOR®, (2 syllables) is the correct pronunciation and not Real-A-Tor (3 syllables) as is so often incorrectly spoken. REALTOR® is the correct way to say this profession. REALTOR®S are sworn to uphold a Code of Ethics 2015-Code-of-Ethics and Standard of Practice and be truthful in all transactions. REALTOR®S are a Trade Organization. Real Estate Agents can be REALTOR®S, and all REALTOR®S are Real Estate Agents., Like Kleenex brand tissues, are tissues, but not all tissues are Kleenex.

So, when looking for an agent, a REALTOR® is the better way to go. I have been a REALTOR® since 1989.

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Denise Byers, ABR,CRS,e-Pro,SFR,REALTOR | Rutland County, VT Homes For Sale