I Rated Denise’s Services: Very Good: Professional Service, Communications, Informed, Negotiated for me, Knew Contacts, Personal Service Good, Very Available, Easy to reach, Honest and I would use her services again.
Jane, Mendon, VT Aug 2023


I give Denise the Highest Rating on all areas and I would use her services again.

Robert, Elizabethtown PA Mar 2023


Denise provided Personal Service, Communications and Unique Help. She Knew Contacts and Held My Hand. She was Informed while providing a Smooth Process and Professional Services were rendered. I would use her services again.

Kathi, Boca Raton, FL Jan 2022


Yes, Denise Communicated Promptly, rendered professional service for a smooth process and provided exemplary service, kept us informed, got the price we hoped for, negotiated our interests and held our hand at every step. She provided proper Guidance and went above and beyond, YES, while treating all parties fairly and was a source for Information needed and we would use her services again.

David & Tammy, Randolph, VT   Dec 2021


Denise was very good with communications, she was very helpful and kept us informed, she was there for us. She became a friend! We got above our price, prompt and efficient. We would Very Definitely use Denise’s services again…referred her to another family.

John & Marilyn Shrewsbury, VT Now TX  Aug 2021


Denise rendered professional service with great communications. It was a hard process but we made it. Always kept me informed, she negotiated for me and Denise Held my hand, is a great lady. She knew all the contacts, went out of her way and she did many extras, GOT PRICE!!!! She is Nice and knows her job, I would recommend Denise’s services again, as she is a Great Person and was excellent and by my side all thru.

Susan McG Lake Bomoseen, VT Jul 2021


Excellent Communications, Gave Very Unique Help, Denise was Professional & Friendly! It was a smooth process, keeping me informed, she helped to negotiate for me and provided Personal Service, We got our price and I would use her services again.

Richard F   Melvin Village, NH Sep 2020


Yes, on all this: Communicated, Was smooth Process, Informed, Negotiated for me, Held my hand, Knew Contacts, Provided Unique Help, Personalized Service, Got our price! I would Use Denise’s Services again.

Marian K   Rutland, VT Sep 2020


“On a scale of 1 – 100, 1 being incompetent and 100 being extraordinary in providing service, I would rate Denise Byers a 100. Denise was consistently accessible, detail oriented, knowledgeable, informative and resourceful. My wife and I felt Denise diligently worked to satisfy all of our needs during a stressful time. I would highly recommend anyone interested in buying or selling property in the Rutland area to consider hiring Denise Byers. My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional assistance Denise Byers provided in the purchase of our new hoome. In addition, Denise provided information about community vendors which made our adjustment to Rutland much easier.”

Glenn & Melody C  Rutland, VT May 2020


Denise Held my hand at every step. Progress was made very quickly. Going Above & Beyond, worked on my behalf, She worked with Challenges Well !! Was Diplomatic when needed, Excelled at selling the House quickly. Lacked Nothing, Exemplary Service provided, she held my hand steadily, and she lacked nothing. Thanks again for Everything and a Great Job!

Amanda C Castleton, VT  May 2020


Professional Service A+, Communications A+, Smooth Process A+, Kept us Informed A+,  Negotiated for me A+, Above & Beyond A++,  Hand Held A+, Knew Professionals to Call A+, Denise is a Professional,… Great Person! I would use Denise’s Services Again and Again. Denise is THE BEST!

Eugene F, LI NY Nov 2019


I would ABSOLUTLEY use Denise’s services again, without a Doubt! She knew the professionals to call, held my hand, Negotiated for me, Kept me informed, it was a smooth process, she Promptly communicated, and rendered Professional services.

Michael B Rutland VT Oct 2019


Excelled at Professionalism, had Great Availability, She totally went Above & Beyond, Held Hands at every step of the way, Always provided Helpful Information, Kept us informed with a smooth process. Communicated promptly. Rendered Professional service, Lacked at nothing, and We would use her services again.

Claudia & Chris Z   Fair Haven VT & MA  Sep 2019


Communications, good, Progress made, Information Provided, Did not get better price, but negotiated well for us, Exemplary Service provided. Yes provided helpful information and Went Above and Beyond, Co-ordinated showings, worked For the Estate and Saved on Costs where possible and Got the Job done!

Brenda H Rutland VT Sep 2019

Love, Love, Love Denise! Fun, Down to Earth, Considerate and Understanding, Knowledgeable without pressuring. So helpful with every aspect of this journey!

Gretchen K & John B, Weathersfield, VT, Jun 2019

I found Denise to be very professional. As my representative, she listened to my concerns and showed me, her number one goal was that I was happy with the result. I never felt she was out for her self-interest. For certain I would use her services again.

Kevin S, Rutland, VT Dec 2018

Denise has many community connections! She did a Great Job helping us sell a difficult property! Would use her services again.

Michael & Alyssa P, Hanover NH, Nov 2018

Yes, Denise was knowledgeable, kept us informed, provided follow up, was a professional, communications were good, had a smooth process, and we enjoyed working with Denise to buy our Forever Home and we would use her services again.

Ron & Barbara H, Castleton, VT Nov 2018

We would Absolutely use Denise’s services again! Yes, Pro: Yes, Communications: Yes, Smooth Transaction: Yes, Informed me: Yes, Info access: Yes, Knowledgeable: Yes, Followed up: Yes, Helpful: Yes!

James & Lisa G, Castleton, VT Oct 2018

Very Knowledgeable, 100% and beyond helpful, very good communications, Professional service delivered, We had a rough go with tenants, but we closed, Denise kept me informed and provided access to information. YES, I would use her services again…

Irene T, Rutland, VT Oct 2018

“I had been looking at properties in Vermont through Zillow, Trulia, etc. for a few years. When I got serious about finding a house that I could make an offer on, I started looking at agent’s profiles, reviews from past customers, and how active the agents have been. I saw that Denise was very busy and that past customers had good things to say about her. I had sent out emails asking questions about a few properties to several agents over the few months before I chose to work with Denise. She replied to my questions promptly and in detail. Even when, for all she knew, I might not have been all that serious about buying a house, she took the time to answer my questions. I really appreciated that. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Denise on my home purchase. From start to finish, I felt that she was working for my best interests and that she really cares about what she does. It is clear to me that she has a lot of experience and knowledge, and for every little decision she took the time to explain my options, what she would do if she was in my position, but then of course, left it up to me to make the decisions. I always felt like she gave good advice, and the process went very smoothly. As we were getting near the end of the process, there were some things that needed to be handled quickly to ensure that we met deadlines. Several times, Denise took the time to communicate with me, the sellers agent, my loan officer, attorney, etc. on the weekend, late at night, etc. I was really impressed with her dedication! “

Deborah F, Fair Haven, VT, Aug 2018

Denise does a great job. Made my family feel great through the process.

Steve & Laura L. Florence, VT  Jun 2018

Professional service, communicated, Smooth transaction, knowledgeable, paid special attention to me. What more do you want? I am very pleased.

Merrill O, Mendon, VT Jul 2018

Denise Byers was worth her weight in gold. She went way above and beyond our expectations. She saved us a huge amount of money on septic system testing and electrical system recommendations and upgrades the seller agreed to pay rather than us. Denise took photos of all tests and work being completed, as well as my wife and myself with the sellers and their agent during home inspection, septic testing and at closing. She was very sweet and made everyone feel comfortable. We have photos as well to remember our happy event, I have already recommended her to friends of ours looking for property in the Killington area, Denise was AWESOME!!!  Beyond excellent!!! Denise was a model agent. Very professional, Honest, Impeccable integrity, responsible, polite and very friendly.  Denise was on top of everything. Her timeliness was impeccable with regard to all bank and purchase requirements. She found us a great attorney for closing, a very competitive rate on insurance, and helped negotiate difficult and expensive improvements to the property’s septic system. Without her, I would have absorbed all of it myself and cost myself a sizeable amount of money.

Richard H, Essex, CT, Jan 2018

Please raise Denise’s pay by 100%. She is an awesome person. We have been working with her for over 20 years. They don’t get any better than her. Outstanding Human Being and Realtor! I would use her services in a heartbeat.

Steve & Cornelia B, Andover, MA, Jan 2018

Denise was always informing me, very prompt of the progress of this sale. She explained everything to me and did a good job.

Patricia M, Houston TX, Nov 2017

She was very helpful and professional.

Mary Ann W, Rutland, VT Sep 17

Absolutely would use Denise again as she was very professional and responded promptly. No areas of difficulty!

Joan B, Rutland City, Aug 2017

Denise did a wonderful job with what she had to work with. My renters had destroyed my property and she had a hard time getting access to the whole house.

I would use her services again.

Irene T & John T, Rutland Town, Aug 2017

Regarding Denise, she was very helpful. Stayed with us to completion of a difficult sale when others might have abandoned the sale. And with never

a complaint to us. Very Kind! I would absolutely use her services again.

Charles S & Catherine O’K, Clarendon, VT  Jul 2017

Denise is so good that this makes her soo busy.  Sometimes this created a breakdown in communications, but she always corrected or addressed the missing info.

Very knowledgeable, communicated promptly most of the time, kept us informed and I would Definitely use her services again!!

Greg & Kathy L, Rutland City, Jun 2017

Denise was extremely knowledgeable. She worked diligently with the seller’s agent & my insurance company, effectively resulting in my purchase of the property. Always kept me informed. Communicated promptly for a smooth process. I had confidence in her abilities every step of the way. Without hesitation would I used Denise’s services again.

Marie G, Middlebury, May 2017

Thank you for all your help Denise! I would use your services again every time. You protected our interests. Negotiated as a buyer broker for us and kept us informed.

Leo & Maria C, Rutland Feb 2017

Trustworthy really stands out. We felt like Denise really took care of us and worked very hard for us so we could get the house of our dreams. I felt so very confident that everything would work out for us because Denise was there the whole time to calm down the nerves. We would use Denise again without any hesitation.

Jim B, West Rutland, VT   Nov 2016

I would use Denise’s services again she worked hard, kept me informed, relayed my wishes for me, she rendered professional services for a smooth process that serviced my needs. Thank you for all that you did to sell our home in such a timely manner!!

Carroll & Terry M, Topsham, VT Oct 2016

Can’t say enough about how wonderful Denise handled the sale and treated me as a client all excellent.

Angela M, Rutland VT Oct 2016

It was great working with Denise. While of course her number one concern being what’s in the seller’s best interest the process did not feel one sided and she did a great job networking with the current tenants occupying the two-family duplex.

Rob W, Newton Center, MA    Sep 2016

She did a great job given the economy.

Fred & Dolores B. Jeffersonville, VT     Sep 2016

Overall Satisfaction with sale was excellent!

Richard & Karen C. Laurens, SC   Jul 2016

I have had Denise several times before and every time she has been helpful, kind, caring and gets the job done. I have recommended her and will continue to so . Great person and realtor.

Susan Mc. Castleton, VT    Mar 2016

Rendered Professional Service, was fun, kept us informed, communicated promptly for a smooth process.

Barry S, Middletown Springs, Mar 2016

I was very satisfied. Communicated promptly, was very good at keeping us informed, it was a smooth process. She was fun. Denise was very much educated and she knew what to do and helped us to know what to do every step of the way.

Ed & Sharon G, Rutland Town, Oct 2015

“Outstanding agent! Informed, competent, efficient, effective, and engaging. Very pleased with agent and process. Job well done! Great to deal with! Just loved Denise. She is a talented and competent agent who gets the job done effectively and without adverse issues. Would recommend her without reservation! Happy it was a positive experience.”

Brian & Claire W, Deep River CT, Aug 2015

Particularly good at little details & extras. Honest. Marketed my property in print and online. Rendered Professional Service, Communicated Regularly. Was thoroughly informed. Had knowledge of market and professionals. Explained to me thoroughly. I would use Denise’s services again, absolutely.

Michael G, The Villages, FL, Mar 2015

Denise kept the process moving. She handled the negotiations. A particularly good aspect was that she was knowledgeable and helpful. She explained thoroughly. Had knowledge of area professionals and the market. Thoroughly informed and informed me in a timely manner. She rendered professional services and kept in regular communications. I would use Denise’s services again.

Jennifer C, Killington, VT Nov 2014

Regarding Denise’s services: She was good at rendering professional services. She communicated regularly. Handled the processes good & was very good at being thoroughly informed.  Was good at timely responses. Was very good at knowledge of market and professionals. Very Good at explaining thoroughly. Denise was witty, down to earth, a lovely person. We would use Denise’s services again.

Robert & Cindy V, Isle La Motte,  Aug 2014

Regarding Denise: “Very Professional & Very Personable. Excellent Salesperson, A pleasure to work with. I would use Denise’s services again, yes, yes, yes. Communicated Regularly, Process Handling, Thoroughly Informed, Timely Responses, Knowledge of the Market and Other Professionals. We are currently clearing and camping on the property…Love It!”

Carroll & Terry M, Newbury, VT    Aug 2013

Denise was very informative about the market and priced our property in Topsham Vt!, to sell, (Which it did!) No Pressure, Pleasure to deal with. I would definitely use Denise’s services again, she was Professional. Communicated regularly, Handled the Process, Thoroughly Informed us with Timely Responses.

Susan B & Bruce D, Shrewsbury, VT   Aug 2013

We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You are a wonderful person and we are lucky to have you for a realtor and friend.

Steve & Cornelia B, Andover, MA    May 2013

Yes, Denise serviced my needs, kept me informed while she negotiated for me. It was a smooth process, LOL and communicated regularly. She is the Best and I would use her services again. (Castleton Purchase)

Michael & Carol P, West Haven, VT    Apr 2013

Denise, serviced my needs, rendered professional service, communicated regularly, kept me informed with timely communications, was confident, negotiated my concerns and had much concern for our interests. “What we needed answers to, that she didn’t know, she found out for us. Thank you! We will definitely use her services again.”

Brian R, Rutland, VT    Jan 2013

Timely Communications, confident, had our interests cared for, was a smooth process, communicated regularly, professional services rendered…Denise is the Best. She has served us twice-professional + courteous. We would absolutely use her services again! (Poultney Purchase)

Michael & Carol P, West Haven, VT Jan 2013

“Our Experience with Denise was far above what we anticipated! A true Professional.” The services she provided such as: communicated regularly, handling of process, informing thoroughly, timely responses, knowledge of market & professionals. I would use Denise’s services again and again WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE”

Lou Anne S, Rockaway, NJ Nov 2012

If there was a listing scale it would be a Five Star!! Regularly gave updates. Neat, organized, well done. Thoroughly informed, Yes, 5 Star. Timely Response, Yes, 5 Star. Knowledge of Market & Professionals, Excellent-5 Star. I would absolutely use Denise’s services again! Denise Byers is the Best!! After the initial telephone call, Denise hit the ground running and had my property sold within 8 weeks. As a Realtor, I found her to be always professional, and very knowledgeable about the market, She is prompt, thorough, and responsive to all questions and concerns. Ms Denise Byers will call to provide me with updates on the viewing/selling of the property. She will call to discuss the details involved with handling the business transaction. As a client, I found Denise Byers to be exceptional!! She is a wonderful and pleasant person to work with. My experience with Ms Denise Byers has been amazing as he made this entire business experience a positive one. Thank you!!

Wanda W, NYC, NY Mar 2012

Denise was very professional to deal with. Extremely friendly and does what’s best for her clients! Was a seamless and smooth process. She rendered Great professionalism, kept me informed and communicated promptly. I would recommend Denise’s services.

Sandra B, Sudbury, MA, Nov 2011

Denise Communicated promptly, and kept us informed, rendered professional and special service. Denise goes the extra mile to accommodate whether representing buyer or seller. It has been a true pleasure! Thanks! We would absolutely use Denise’s services again! (Chipman Lake Sale)

Harold H, Tinmouth, VT, Oct 2011

Denise is very personable and helpful. She made buying the Miller camp smooth and easy! We would definitely use Denise’s services again. (Chipman Lake Purchase)

Harold H & Pat D, Tinmouth, VT, Oct 2011

Thanks for Hanging in there with us Denise! Our needs were serviced professionally. You communicated regularly and negotiated for us while keeping us informed all the way through. It was smooth process.

Tom F & John T, Weston VT, Feb 2011

Denise put in a considerable amount of time and effort to help resolve a right of way issue. She kept us informed++, negotiated for us+ it was a smooth process+, communicated regularly++, professional service rendered+ & she serviced our needs+ We would use Denise’s services again, absolutely!

Carolyn & Gary W, S Cairo NY, Feb 2011

Denise serviced my needs… yes, and rendered the highest, excellent professional service. She communicated regularly and it was a smooth process. She was very polite, very attentive to all going on, kept me informed all of the time. She was helpful in all ways. You couldn’t have a better person to sell for you and to also help you but she was always there for me, very attentive. I would use Denise’s services again, I Certainly would!

Judy P, Rutland City VT Feb 2011

Denise serviced my needs, communicated very regularly. It was a smooth process well done, and yes she kept me informed. And it was no fault of Denise’s but what a long drawn out affair very nerve wracking and I would use her services again.

John B, N Clarendon, VT  Feb 2011

Denise was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything! Kept us informed, Communicated, she Negotiated for us, it was smooth process on her part yes, ours…not so much ;0) We would use her services again!

Wayne & Bethany J, Brandon, VT, Jun 2010

Always Happy Smiling, informed. She is a Very Nice person. We’ll be calling soon about our property to sell. We would use her again, Absolutely. She was professional, communicated, negotiated and kept us informed, and was a smooth process. She serviced our needs; it was smooth process, as she communicated regularly, and she negotiated for us, kept us informed and was professional.

James & Nancy W, Shrewsbury, VT, May 2010

Denise provided appropriate names & numbers of people providing necessary services (Lawyer, Inspector) also, as a buyer’s agent she had sellers agree to pump septic, remove an unwanted freezer and have well inspected. We are going to use Denise’s services again!

Gary & Carol W, S Cairo, NY, Jul 2009

Regarding Denise, she is professional, communicated promptly, it was a smooth process and kept us informed…We had a couple of offers on the house within the first two weeks despite the bad real estate market! Closing went through very smoothly and we would definitely use Denise’s services again.

Marilyn H, Castleton, VT Apr 2008

Regarding Denise: VERY HELPFUL, she serviced my needs, was professional, communicated, was a smooth process, she went above and beyond, explained all the documents, negotiated for me and yes, would use her services again.

Rupert & Rowena P, Pittsford, VT Oct 2008

Denise rendered professional service, communicated promptly, was a smooth process that was in her control, some being out of her control yet kept us informed. Denise has been good for us and we would use her services again.

Guy B, Rutland City, VT Jan 2008

Denise was a joy to with! We love the house too!

If you need us for work references-feel free to have people contact us-we can tell them how you made our house purchase as easy as possible from out-of-State! Denise, serviced our needs, rendered professional service, communicated regularly, was a smooth process, kept us informed. She had a great positive energy and was I was long distance- she kept me well updated, was great to work with and I would refer her services again!

Trish L, Pittsford, VT Oct 2007

I would have Denise Byers again as she’s very efficient. Communicated, Promptly, it was a Smooth Process.

Michael K, Proctor, VT Sep 2006

Dee was always there for me through the selling process, as she called it “holding my hand”! And I called her a lot!! She was great! Denise served my needs very well. Professional service rendered, Communicated regularly, Got close to my price, Sold it quickly and negotiated great for me and worked very well for my behalf!!

Gloria D, N Clarendon, VT Aug2006

Denise is very professional and has been very helpful. Was as smooth a Process as can be and always kept us informed. We will always use Denise.

Guy & Chris B, Rutland, VT Feb 2006

Our transaction was complicated by a guardianship but we were kept well informed along the way. Denise showed a lot of patience with us. She communicated promptly, kept us informed and it was a smooth process. We would use Denise’s services again.

Duncan & Marilyn H, Bomoseen, VT Jan 2006

The most professional and patient REALTOR® I have worked with. Denise’s integrity comes through building confidence between parties. Rendered Exceptional Service. Communicated promptly-over and above. Smooth Process like butter on a hot biscuit. Kept us informed without fail. I would absolutely use Denise’s services again, as she is a very efficient and compassionate person.

Lt Renee’ Marie, Fair Haven, VT Dec 2005

Dear Denise, we appreciate all the time you took with us. You have a great personality. Thank you again!

Denise served my needs, in a professional manner, communicated regularly, got my price and more and even sold it quickly and I would use Denise’s services again.

Paul & Marilyn R. Cornish, NH Jul 2005

I have no complaints. Denise is a wonderful person. She puts her whole heart and soul into her work, she’s meant to do what she does.

Denise makes things very easy for the people she’s selling for; she knows what she is doing! Denise did right by me and I know she’ll do right by anyone she deals with.

Selling my home I was unable to do some deep cleaning and Denise went into my home and washed walls I couldn’t do it because of my health. She’s not only a real estate person, Denise became my dear friend. You can’t go wrong having Denise work for you, she puts everything she has into her work and I’m very satisfied with her, she’s a wonderful person, I would have her again and recommend her to anyone, you’d be proud of her! She is hard working and a caring person; she is the Best, that is all I can tell you. She follows everything she starts right to the end. Thank you for asking about her and take care of Denise, she’s a pretty special person.

Judy P. Rutland, VT May 2005

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